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Who am I?

"Who am I"... the quintessential age old question!

We ask our Self this question because we feel a deep sense of separation and spiritual dis-ease! We have constructed an imaginary image of our Self, convincing our Self it is true and accurate even while we never actually buy into it.  We know something is missing and we live with a longing to discover what it is.  But this question is difficult to navigate because there is so much agreement in the world in regard to the reality of this illusion of separation.

So, we ask our Self this question, "Who am I" and the only thing we can truly know, the only answer we can come up with that feels right is, "I am!"

When we explore the experience of the "I am" statement through inquiry and meditation we begin to break free of this misconception and dissolve the illusion of separation!

This is an in-depth investigation into conscious awareness.

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Who am I?
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