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Communicating from the heart

We all want to communicate from our heart and in the moment... lovingly and honestly. To do this we must get out of the way of our own judgments and beliefs about our Self, as well as our judgments and beliefs about those we are communicating to.

We need to make space for their viewpoints even if it is contrary to ours. Most importantly, we have to clearly perceive if we are responding authentically to the immediate issue at hand or re-acting from unresolved issues in our past. Our words are very powerful and they have a huge impact on others. The language that we use can cause deep lasting hurt or it can heal even as we disagree.

In truth, we all want to achieve the best result possible and walk away feeling supported, loved and understood.

In this intensive, we explore the truth about beliefs and judgments and how they affect the way we communicate. We also go into depth about the way we use language as internal  dialog and its direct relationship to Presence and sense of Self.

Heartfelt communication is the expression of who we are before we speak a word.

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Communicating from the heart
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