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Being present to Presence...

We are always present but we generally do not notice or consciously experience our own Presence, so we do not interact with others and the world from conscious Aware Presence.

Presence is the authentic and beautiful expression of who we are. It is the way we touch each other before words are even spoken. Often it is how we recognize people we have not met before and unexpectedly we feel a powerful desire to meet them and they end up playing prominent roles in our life... but we very rarely express ourselves from aware Presence... because our minds are so fragmented...

And then we wonder why people in our life cannot feel our love and the deep feelings we have for them... the heart of who we are.

When we are fully present we interact from the fullness and love that we are, rather than from residual triggers and unresolved issues of the past. True presence relaxes triggers and initiates a process of dissolving bodily constrictions arising from unresolved issues of the past.

In this workshop we examine the experience of Presence and what it means to act consciously from this aware state of being. We then apply it and observe how it transforms our life and our immediate relationships.

People love to be around others who are expressing themselves fully with natural grace and Presence!

Location to be announced...

Later Event: May 30
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