Thought Management


We do not suffer because of our circumstances,

we suffer because of how we think about our circumstances!


Thought Management is the art of healing our mind and our body by first changing the way we think.

It is the conscious examination of the impact of our thoughts on the way we act and feel and

the direct and reasoned questioning of our assumptions and beliefs that help us discover what is actually true.

Then we can easily let go of what is false which begins to restore our peace of mind.

It is the art of aligning the way you think with the truth and beauty of your essential nature.

Combined with Presence meditation which is the effortless resting in the pure awareness of your own authenticity,

the mind slowly returns to its original state of clarity while the body begins to unfurl from

deeply held residual tensions.

 Our natural physical and emotional equilibrium is sacred and natural to us all and is restored to us once more

as open, boundless, indestructible, free and accessible.

Insight, inspiration, clear thinking and love can then be fully embodied and expressed, leading

us in our words and deeds to create a happy fulfilling life and a peaceful world.

No more, need our mind be ruled by judgments and false beliefs about the past or misconceptions and

fears about an imagined future...

creating endless stress, suffering and unhappiness.

Thought Management enables us to discern the difference between our beliefs about who we are and

what is actually True, restoring our natural mental clarity and intelligence.

Joining the alignment process of Thought Management with Presence meditation allows us to rediscover the experience of harmony

in our daily life as we witness the conditioned beliefs and stories we have about our Self simply dissolve...

leading us to peace of mind, happiness and oneness of spirit.



Journey into Self Awareness


The Monday evening "Journey" meetings from 6pm - 8pm weekly

are designed to pierce the constructed identity that is defined by the sense of separation we feel between

our Self, others and the world.

Through guided Presence meditation, logic and higher reasoning and focused Self inquiry we begin to see how the constructed

identity comes into being as a separate and false objective sense of self.

We then examine the blocks and pathways to inner calm,

self reliance and the process of awakening...

unveiling the underlying truth of who we are,

returning us to a deep peace and Happiness that was always there.



Image by Toni Ryder

Image by Toni Ryder

Journey into Self Awareness

A weekly series of provocative conversations and guided meditations, designed for serious minded individuals who are earnest in their pursuit of Self Awareness, personal transformation and Spiritual Awakening and seek an inspiring and supportive weekly dialog and group practice experience.

In each session we engage in thought provoking discourse, challenging spiritual Self Inquiry, creative group interaction and Presence meditation.