Journey into Self Awareness

 Monday evenings

Image by Toni Ryder

Image by Toni Ryder

This unique and provocative program of small weekly group meetings (less than 10 people) is designed for serious minded individuals, earnest in their pursuit of Self Awareness, personal transformation and Spiritual Awakening and seek an inspired and supportive on going dialog and group practice.

Monday evenings from 6pm to 8pm.

In each session we engage in thought provoking discourse, creative group interaction and guided Presence meditation. We explore the underlying issues in our life with challenging Self-inquiry, examining our assumptions and beliefs with direct but gentle logic & reasoning so that we might uncover the deep unchanging Truth of who we are.



Program Description

Guided meditation, discourse and Self-inquiry

Together we engage in focused Self-inquiry examining and questioning the nature of our mind, how it has become fragmented and dis-eased... how this fragmentation shapes our reactions to the events in our life, our internal dialog, our interpretation of past events, our imagined future and the way we communicate to the people we love. We explore what it takes to put the fragments back together again and jump-start the process of conscious Self Awakening.

We address immediate real life issues carefully exploring what is true, our perception of things and how it shapes our direct experience of Reality.

We engage in spontaneous guided meditations to glimpse the experience of our True Nature, beneath all of our beliefs.


Listed below are just some of the topics that we explore:

Self inquiry


Addressing the age old question, "Who am I".

Why do we feel a persistent restlessness and sense of alone-ness or separation that compels us to seek spiritual connection and ultimately ask the question, "Who am I".  Our mind with all of its content cannot grasp or answer this question through conventional thinking but focused Self inquiry and meditation can lead the thinking mind to its rational edge where it transits from thinking to the natural Stillness within which thought arises and disappears. This is where insight is born and glimpses into our true nature are revealed.

At this point we surrender to a deeper sense of self, allowing the question,  Who am I to dissolve into the I am experience.

Through in-depth Self inquiry using direct and gentle logic & reasoning plus Presence meditation we address the blocks and pathways of our mind, deconstructing the limited beliefs and false images we have about our Self, piercing through to a deeper underlying Truth.

In addressing this question, "Who am I" we stretch the boundaries of the thinking mind to and beyond its edge so that the direct experience of presence can be sensed.



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Finding happiness within...                    

As we inquire more deeply we notice that we are always searching for happiness in everything we do. We usually look for happiness in objects and relationships but we do not find the deep happiness that we are looking for because it is beyond our thoughts and beliefs, beyond what others can give us and beyond the temporary feeling of joy when we reach a goal.

In a continuous series of guided meditations and Self inquiry we begin to dismantle the belief laden constructed identity so that the road to happiness and Self awakening is cleared of the false conceptions that hinder us from experiencing our True Nature directly.

As we inquire into the source experience of happiness we peer into our self, beyond the content of our mind. This can be difficult because our emotional and psychological suffering is linked to and embedded in the knotted contractions in our body due to past trauma shaping our life experience from one moment to the next.

We take the time to examine where real happiness is found, learning how to sink into the unwavering awareness and stable presence of our unchanging and ever present Self.                                                                   




Discerning the difference between what we believe and what is True!

At this point in the program we examine the difference between a belief and what is true. We take a good look at our beliefs and the resistance to life that causes us to suffer. We take notice of our judgments about events in our "Past", how things should have turned out differently.  Upon examination, we find that the past in and of itself is a concept, a belief that only exists as a thought in our mind while it is Presence, the present experience of "Now" that is vital and alive. Even so we may be stuck in old belief systems reacting to the past or projecting into the future as if they was more real than the present.

If we continue to live as if our beliefs are true, we aggravate an already troubled and inflexible mind, creating more layers of mental confusion, suffering and stress in our body. At this point, we learn to discern between the content of the mind where a belief appears and the mind of consciousness itself where insight and happiness lead us in our actions.

We learn how to tap into and interact from the authentic and timeless experience of who we are... presence, in the moment... easily releasing limiting beliefs and false points of view.  Then, situations previously conceived as difficult or even impossible no longer seem like problems or barriers!





What is meditation?

Whether we are sitting motionless on a cushion facing a wall or involved in a chaotic situation, meditation is the effortless being of' what is', the absence of conflict without resistance or objection to reality ... a resting in the deep stillness of our True Nature enabling us to interact directly with the reality of circumstances from the authenticity of who we are .

Meditation is the resting in the boundless clarity of consciousness that thoughts, perceptions, senses and feelings arise in. This is often described as peace and happiness.

In this session we explore the experience of stillness and the effortless being of our true nature.




Presence in Relationships

When we are fully present in relationships we express and feel love deeply, experiencing the shared loving presence of who we are together... and when relationships come to an end we can be gracious and honor the beauty of those who have shared their life with us even as we must part.

In this way we replace the activity of suffering with the shared Presence of who we are.

To be present with another we must first experience and express the Presence of who we are... we must relinquish the judging mind that has us believe we know another when we still do not even know our Self....

We yearn to experience love and joy in our relationships but how can we do this if we feel a deep sense of separation from our self and the Presence that we are to share.

Through Self inquiry and guided meditation we explore Presence and apply this understanding to the relationships in our life.




Communicating without Judgment

Why is it so hard to express our deepest feelings of love to the people closest to us in our life? 

Why?...because we are immersed in the past, holding hurt in our bodies, a victim of our own negative thoughts, the judgments we keep in our mind, filled with false perceptions about past events and unrealistic expectations for the future.

Beneath it all, we want to express and communicate love and understanding to the ones we love in our life, not judgment. How do we do this when we are so easily triggered, responding uncontrollably from a fragmented mind... lost in the past or the projected future?

We investigate this ongoing dilemma with rigorous Self inquiry and guided Presence meditations.