Spring - 1 day workshops


Who am I?

Sat: April 11th     10 am - 4 pm


Journey Workshop 1

Introduction: Addressing the age old question, "Who am I".

We feel a persistent restlessness and sense of separation that compels us to ask our Self, "Who am I".  Our mind cannot grasp this question by thinking but focused Self inquiry can bring the thinking mind to its inevitable end...Stillness...

At this point we surrender to the experience of "Stillness" through meditation and allow the question of, "Who am I" to dissolve into the "I am" experience.

Through in-depth Self inquiry and Buddhist meditation we address the blocks and pathways of our mind, deconstructing the false image we have of our Self, piercing through layered beliefs and judgments to an underlying Truth.

In this class we stretch the boundaries of the thinking mind right to its edge so that the experience of something greater becomes possible....

Location to be announced.

Who am I?
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Seeing into our True Nature

Sat: April 25th    10 am - 4 pm

Image. seeing into our.png

Journey Workshop 2

In this workshop we inquire more deeply... we ask our Self, "What is true"... and we find the proverbial 600lb gorilla standing directly in front of us. This 600 lb. gorilla is the constructed image we have of our Self, others and the world and the sense of separation it fosters.

In this workshop we take initial steps to understand and dismantle this constructed image so that the road to Self awakening is cleared of any false conceptions that may block our view.

To see into our True Nature we must look beyond our beliefs and our judgments. This can be difficult because they are embedded in our body as stress and constrictions and in our mind as solid beliefs and judgments, shaping our way of life from one perceived moment to the next.

We take the time to examine what we think we know... until, we penetrate what it is, that is the knowing...the background stillness that is referred to as emptiness in Buddhism...and pervades the inherent substance of being.

We then apply this understanding to our current "Real" world circumstances and watch the natural and organic transformation that occurs.

Location to be announced.                                                                               

Seeing into your True Nature
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Transcending fixed    viewpoints and beliefs

Sat: May 9th       10 am - 4 pm


Journey Workshop 3

Deeper still!

We look more deeply fixed at the views and beliefs from the past that shape our life. We now know that the past does not exist. It is only the "Now", even while we are bringing up and reacting to memories about the past or future.

Yet we live as if there is an actual past and future holding judgments about the people closest and fixed beliefs about what is going to happen tomorrow. This creates tremendous stress in our body not to mention a tormented mind.

When we act from the authentic experience of who we are... in the moment... we are able to easily release false points of view ... and situations previously conceived as difficult or even impossible problems no longer hold any power!

Location to be announced.


What is meditation...

Sat: May 23rd     10 am - 4 pm


Journey Workshop 4

Meditation is surrender, the absence of doing...a resting in the effortlessness of Self... and as a result, experiencing the fullness of who you are.

We can't fight reality!  When we do we always lose!  Meditation is the letting go of the finite mind to the reality that is Now...the absence of illusion...the felt presence of a shared and unified consciousness.

In this workshop we explore the art of meditation and how it affects our life.

Location to be announced.

What is meditation?
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Presence in relationship

Sat: June 6th      10 am - 4 pm


Journey Workshop 5

When we are present to our Self and others we express and feel love deeply, experiencing the presence of who we are... and when relationships come to an end we can be gracious and honor the beauty of the others involved.

In this way we replace "Suffering" with the shared Presence of who we are.

To be present with another one must experience Presence of Self...to do this with another, we must relinquish the judging mind that has us believe we know that person as well as we think we do....

We yearn to experience love and joy in our relationships but how can we do this if we feel a deep sense of separation from our Self and the Presence that we are.

Through Self inquiry and guided meditation we explore Presence and apply it to the relationships in our life.

Location to be announced.

Presense in relationships
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Communicating without judging

Sat: June 20th   10 am - 4 pm


Journey Workshop 6

Why is it so hard to express our deepest feelings of love to the people in our life? 

Why?...because we are immersed in the past and still hurt and controlled by our false perception of past events.

Beneath it all, we want to express and communicate love and understanding to the loved ones in our life, not judgment. How do we do this when we are so easily triggered, responding from a fragmented mind... lost in the past?

We investigate this dilemma with rigorous Self inquiry and guided meditations.

Location to be announced.

Communicating without judging
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