Thought Management coaching sessions

1 on 1 with Theo


Each of us is unique with very special gifts but we often find our Self frustrated and blocked from expressing our authentic gifts in the world because our mind is filled with false beliefs and stories and our body is stressed and contracted. 

We often can't stop the flow of persistent negative thoughts that cause us to suffer .

Theo's Thought Management coaching sessions assist you in reclaiming the clarity of your mind. Through guided Presence meditation and the direct logic and reason of Self inquiry we work together to reveal the fundamental peace and happiness that is your birthright,

...allowing you to rest, regain your sense of Self and begin anew, expressing with authenticity the power and beauty of who you are in the world!


this is what we do together


Learn and apply Thought Management skills in everyday situations, transcending inner negative dialog arising from obsessive thinking and false beliefs ... this releases the body from long standing embedded patterns of stress and resistance.

Rediscover and consciously rest in the natural spacious clarity of your mind, greatly reducing stress and confusion, allowing you to interact with circumstances and events from a restful deeper knowing. 

Learn the art of Discernment to quickly recognize between what is true and what is a belief .

  Learn to see the world as a reflection of your Self. When we have the clarity to see our reactions as a reflection of our own unresolved issues we can forgive our Self and each other, releasing blame and shame.

Learn the art of contemplation and be led through guided meditation exercises to experience a peaceful mind and a deeply relaxed body.

Express your Self from the essential Presence of your True Nature, embracing reality as it is without resistance or conflict.


$75.00 per 75 minute session (or speak to Theo for reduced rates if needed)

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